I have a number of essays which will be [freely] published somewhere in the future.  I’m not sure where yet, so suggestions are welcome.

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  • Proof of Altruism: 5/29/2017.  A toy proof demonstrating that our essential nature is kindness.
  • Selflessness Overview : updated 7/7/2016.  An overview of selflessness.
    • Cognitive Selflessness : updated 7/7/2016.  The conceptual side of selflessness.
    • Emotional Selflessness : updated 7/7/2016.  The emotional side of selflessness? Yes. Some original thinking, which I believe will be of benefit to fellow seekers.
    • Physical Selflessness : updated 7/7/2016.  The physical side of selflessness. Not entirely, but it rounds out a trio of essays, and it takes on less of a heady perspective and more of an embodied perspective.
  • Cup: Reflected : updated 1/1/2016.  This serves as a (simple) pictorial overview of Cognitive Set Theory. Readers interested in logic might look at some of the other essays on that site: CST blog