Currently, the only employee of ArborRhythms is Alec Rogers.  Most of Alec’s recent efforts involve thinking about how to teach selflessness.  This might seem silly, since selflessness has strong intuitive and emotional components, but walking a path is most often aided by a view of the destination.

Resume: Resume

Academic Work: BS Psychology, BS Computer Science, MS Electrical Engineering from a mix of Cornell University, Reed College, Portland State University, and Boston University.


  • 1996: ArborRhythms Music Processor, a way of producing MIDI and digital audio with a flow graph that resembles a syntactic tree, last known to run on Windows 95.
  • 2003-2012: MATLAB, where I worked on Scientific File Formats, Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing, and System Objects.
  • 2016: Psygraph, a collection of four tools designed to promote mindfulness.

Books, Conference Papers, and Journal Articles:

Other Academic Work:

Less Serious Work:

  • (forthcoming): What is Selflessness?, a short essay about the basis for ethical action.  Until it’s finished, you can read it and several other essays at: http://arborrhythms.com/essays/
  • 2015: Cup: Reflected, a 10-page children’s book which contains a psychological model.