Most of Alec’s recent efforts involve thinking about how to teach selflessness.  This might seem silly, since selflessness has strong intuitive and emotional components, but walking a path is most often aided by a view of the destination.

Professional Resume: resume

Academic Work: MS in Electrical Engineering, BS in Psychology, and BS in Computer Science, from a mix of Cornell University, Reed College, Portland State University, and Boston University.  I have also studied Buddhist Philosophy at Ranjung Yeshe Institute in Nepal, and Maitripa College.


  • 2016: Psygraph, a collection of four tools designed to promote mindfulness.
  • 2003-2012: MATLAB, where I worked on Scientific File Formats, Image Processing, Digital and Multimedia Signal Processing, and System Objects.
  • 1996: ArborRhythms Music Processor, a way of producing MIDI and digital audio with a flow graph that resembles a syntactic tree.

Books, Conference Papers, and Journal Articles:

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