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Psygraph is an app that allows you to track whatever it is you want to track.  It can be used as a meditation tool, a stopwatch, or several other things.

The data gathered by the application is stored on or any other WordPress site that has the plugin installed.  The WordPress plugin is available from WordPress or at, and we will be submitting Android and IOS apps to their relevant app stores shortly.

Cognitive Set Theory

object009This Knowledge that has no center or circumference, no inside or outside, is innocent of all partiality and knows no blocks or barriers … is a vast expanse of space.
~ Longchen Rabjam
A set is a many which allows itself to be thought of as a one.
~ Georg Cantor

Cognitive Set Theory is a book about everything, something, and nothing. It is a description of our psychology in terms of universes and references. The entire text is available for free as a PDF, from the IBookstore, or in print form from Amazon.

Visit the website:

ArborRhythms Music Processor

object010The basic premise behind the ArborRhythms Music Processor is that music can be represented with a tree structure, similar to the syntax of language.  If you are inclined to gory details, you might be interested in the book “A Generative Theory of Tonal Music”, by Lerdahl and Jackendoff.

The name “arbor rhythms” literally means “tree music”.  The ArborRhythms Music Processor was a program which allowed the generation of MIDI music based on a syntactic tree.  It could also process digital audio, and video/text streams were in the works.

The binary here was probably released in 1997, and ran on Windows 95.  It may still run on some versions of Windows.  In any case, it is not supported, and is here only for nostalgic purposes.